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“I was able to walk out victorious …. Crucible is an indispensable tool…”

Crucible, the new Walk Thru the Bible Live Event, was recently presented to a group of 25 students at the Full Gospel Church Bible College in Johannesburg.

Crucible examines how King David faced many of the same critical choices we do. It explores some of the lessons to be learnt from him as he battled between image vs character; circumstances vs truth; disappointment vs expectancy and in other struggles common to us all.


The reaction to the course was overwhelming. What an encouragement to see God really speak to the hearts of the students through Crucible. May you too, be encouraged by their testimonies…

After answering the call of God and having sacrificed all, I have found myself on numerous occasions with this inner struggle between fear and faith. But it is during Crucible, that I experienced and found victory!

In one session we dealt with Saul and David. This inspiring session gave me an entirely new perspective – as I saw how Saul acted out of fear, but David responded in faith. Personally, this story unraveled for me like never before. As a result of this revelation, I was able to gain victory over my own struggle and walk out victorious. It developed in me to such an extent that I am now able to invest in the inner battles of others!

Crucible is an indispensable tool in the hands of the prepared messenger. I acknowledge our Walk Thru The Bible instructor, Lynnette Stander, who helped us to identify with the message by sharing her own experiences and challenges, and how these had prepared her to present the course.

Personally I do not know how I managed without Crucible for so long. The author has put us in their considerable debt with their well-researched work. I highly recommend Crucible as a must for the serious student and the committed Christian.
Frikkie Boshoff

The Walk Thru the Bible Crucible Live Event was a great experience, and surely altered my mindset! Despite what David did, he is still called a man near to God’s heart! What motivated me the most was the reminder from 1 Samuel 30:6 “But David found strength in the LORD his God” (NLT). Thank you to The Walk Thru the Bible presenter, Lynnette Stander, who really made this course part of herself, before presenting it to us, and that made all the difference.
Rae-Jeane Hartzenburg

Some further feedback…

“What a fantastic study on the life of David. But what touched me most, was how he was chosen by God. It made me realise that age and size do not matter to God. Though we might be the youngest, illiterate or have a very menial job, God can still use us!”

“What an awesome, practical example of God’s intent and purpose in forming us to be mature mentors, leaders and servants – useable for His Glory and Purpose!”

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