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MLM – “I am so grateful to receive such an investment in my life as a leader”

A Million Leader Mandate (MLM) ToolBox Training Event was held on the 5th of September 2012 at the Eikenhof LifeChange Centre.

The 21 delegates were greatly encouraged by the trainers -  Rev Stan Saunders from the USA and   Pastor Joshua Mtanyelwa – both of whom had in many ways really ‘lived’ the material and were able to relate the content to personal experiences and stories.

Some of the aspects of leadership discussed in this training module (Volume 1 Notebook 3)included: a leader’s attitude and inner circle, communication skills, servant leadership and handling criticism and conflict.

The delegates shared this feedback following the training…


Another excellent session. We are being taken from glory to glory in leadership.

George Chabane

 Thank you for bringing Stan Saunders to teach us – for taking time to sacrifice, to sow into our lives. The teaching yesterday was a great blessing and today was just as good. As usual, Pastor Joshua taught with memorable stories.

Raksha Khan

I have learnt a lot from Pastor Joshua – servant behaviour. I have to be like Jesus and I am called to serve people and to do God’s will. I thank God for him. Pastor Stan – I have learnt to pray for my enemies and love those who live in my church and pray for them.

Reginah Mahlasela

I am grateful that I made it to receive such an investment in my life as a leader. I will work hard to implement and apply these principles in my life and pass them on to others. God Bless!

Thabo Makhochane

Thank you for the most spirit filled, knowledgeable presenters. May God increase the knowledge.  I have learned that I have to get “permission” from those I lead so they can follow me beyond my stated authority. Thank you – Pastor Joshua and Pastor Saunders.

Matawana Moleleki

More Christians need to be invited to these workshops so that there is a greater impact on the society. I pray that God shall give more strength and blessings to the vision bearer, John Maxwell and all trainers who are committed to this course.

Jacob Moleleki

We have really learned. It’s helping in our different work situations.

Joyce Mothogoane

What an inspiring session we had this day! We need more of this to recharge our flat batteries.

Knysna Motumi

It is impacting positively on my leadership style – especially when it is done through the Word. There is a lot of difference in my approach and I am beginning to experience change – even at my workplace.

Sipho Mtimkulu

Thank you for this time that I have been in these meetings. It has been an eye opener to my spiritual life and I now understand more about leadership and how to lead. Thank you. May God continue to bless this ministry.

Tyrone Pandy

Good presentation. Good material. (Not enough time!)

Momo Mvimbi

God bless all the pastors who have given us their time to tell us the Word of God, especially for training us to be good leaders of tomorrow. God bless you all.

Mirriam Petoka

The service was excellent. I am grateful to God for everything. God bless you.

Joseph Ruele

I thank God for this programme. It is inspiring and very challenging to know that we need to be the example as leaders to be followed. The love session was so powerful. Also to know our calling – to be genuine and strong leaders.

Khensani Salemane

Lessons were all encouraging

                                                                                                                                                          Darius Moremi

Would like to expand my knowledge with this program and become certified.

Mark Le Batie

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