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Transformation – not just information!

KidZ At Heart held a very successful training event at the Nazareth Family Church in Chatsworth, KwaZulu-Natal on the 26th and 27th of July 2012.

The 45 students in attendance were enthusiastic from the word “GO!” and had lots of fun!

Many attendees described a change in their own heart, as well being given the tools to reach children for Christ – and the feedback from the event was extremely encouraging…

“I now have a burning desire to help transform the lives of kids.”

“We have learned new inexpensive ways to positively impact children’s lives.”

KidZ At Heart aims to equip people to reach and teach KidZ within their own culture.

See KidZ At Heart for further information and dates of upcoming training events.


Please scroll down for more testimonies from students who attended this training event.

I highly recommend the training – the lessons are well planned and structured. I especially enjoyed the lesson: “Leading a Child to Christ.” I never realised how many hindrances we often unintentionally place in the children’s way to let them get to know Christ!

Rodney Moodley


Preparation is very important. We need to give our best to the kids. Helping kids to know Christ can be very experiential and we need to keep that in mind when we teach them. Yes, I will tell others about KidZ At Heart, because it was a real eye-opener to actually listen to the hearts of children and to direct them onto the right path.

      Vivina Singh


The training was insightful, fun and educational. It encouraged me to improve the way I teach, think and behave.

                                                                                                                   Odelle Coopasami


True learning transformation, not just information! I enjoyed the tools we were given to help children pray. And that you don’t need fancy technology to be effective!

  Marilynne Coopasami


I loved the fact that we were part of the stories. The training really brought the Bible to life! I enjoyed sharing the gospel by using my hands and fingers.

                                                                                                                            Rajen Pillay


We have learned new, inexpensive ways to positively impact children’s lives. These past two days equal exposure, knowledge and relationship building. I was given tools to improve my own life and to be a role model to others. Thanks!

                                                                                                                       Lynette Moodley


The training changed my life – now I can become a better person and help others. I will invest more into the children’s ministry now.

                                                                                                                        Linda Ramudu


It changed my life spiritually, it helped me become a better teacher and I will be able to use everything that I have learned and I will be able to be a blessing to so many kids. I have learned how to have a simple approach and to use the things around me to get the message across.

                                                                                                                      Estelle Ramudu


The teaching was practical and learner-based and I really learned how to bring the Bible to life.



It taught me how to teach the Word of God to children effectively.

                                                                                                                       Jeanette Pillay


I enjoyed the group activities very much, I felt like a child again! It impacted my life tremendously. I learned so much about the Word of God. I also enjoyed the fellowship.

    Denise Pillay


It was good to learn that we all have different learning intelligences and we can use it to teach children even better. I enjoyed the P.R.A.Y. acronym!

      Rogers Kandasami


God opened my eyes to a few things – especially to help kids experience Him. The training was awesome. I had a change of heart. I have become more sensitive to the needs of children.

                                                                                                                 Lynette Kandasami


I have learned that children have different needs and there is different ways to bring a lesson to life. I loved the fact that I can use my fingers to lead a child to Christ; it is a way we can all understand.

                                                                                                Nastashia Denise Subramony


I enjoyed the practical involvement in the lessons. I learned that it is important to have only one key-point in a lesson. I enjoyed the different ways to teach a child to pray. I am leaving here with more than enough to start teaching more effectively!

                                                                                                                  Darryl Subramony


The training motivated me in a way to go forward, to be bold and not to be nervous. It taught me that teaching can be lots of fun just by using simple techniques. The session on prayer was great. I realised again how powerful prayer is. We can even teach this to little kids!

Melissa Mohamed


The L.E.A.R.N. tool was very helpful. I also realised we only have a certain amount of time with the children and we must use that time effectively. The training broadened my way of thinking and teaching and it has given me ideas and tools that I can use in children’s ministry.

Joanne Soupen


I will encourage others to do the training because so many people need to know that they have the ability to impact and empower the lives of children. I feel more optimistic and I feel a burning desire to help transform the lives of kids.

Shirleena Ramdeo


There are many different ways to teach kids! I enjoyed the skits and dramas – a very practical way in which to teach children.

Gloria Modicka


I wish I had learned these things when I was just a child, then I would have known the Lord sooner!

Cookie Iyer


I enjoyed the story of Noah’s Ark – it came to life for me! I have learned there are simpler, easier ways of demonstrating Bible stories to children and to lead children to Christ and to teach them how to pray.

Elizabeth Loganathan


I have learned that children have different ways of learning and they are unique. We can teach them accordingly. The prayer exercise where we had to throw our idols in the bin was a big eye-opener to me!

June Pillay


The exercise on being “home blind” opened my eyes! We need to stop daily and think about the children and how we can teach them. I enjoyed the fact that we could put everything we have learned into practise, we were part of the teaching and that is why we will remember it.

Nicole Modicka


I have learned to be creative with the stuff around me – we can bring the Bible to life for kids! The training was refreshing. We are often stuck in our ways and KidZ At Heart taught us to minister to children in new, effective ways. It motivated and equipped me!

Edwin Modicka


Everything was learner-based and I loved the story-telling!

Daisy Pather


I enjoyed the fun, interactive lessons; they taught me how to use different ways to captivate the children’s attention.

Rylan D. Marie


We need to have a better approach with children. We need to teach them in different ways and our lessons should be creative and interactive.

      Jayanthie Perumal


It taught me to think outside the box. I enjoyed all the demonstrations – it was fun and it made me laugh. I imagined how much fun this could be for a child!

Nancy Soupen


I learned how important it is to become like a child when presenting a lesson and not be like an army Sargent! I always use to make the kids quiet, but from now I will rather encourage them to speak and to participate in the lesson because that is the way they will remember it.

Sumeshini Chetty


Everything I have learned has transformed me!

Bala Pillay


We need to go and share with others what we have learned and share Christ with them.

Pat Pillay


I enjoyed the plays – it was simple and true.

     Marlin Govendor


Yes, I enjoyed it! We should prepare our lessons well and let the children be a part of it. Children are special!

Danny Mark


It was fun and I enjoyed the plays.

James Naidoo


I enjoyed the various ways to bring the message of God to children. They need to be involved in the lesson. The lesson should always be learner-based.



It was time well spent and the teachings were well received by those that attended. The atmosphere and exciting presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by our committed sons and daughters.

Pastor Paul and Lucy Pillay



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