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Our journey with turn the tide 4 children …

For the 2010/11 financial year the Missions Commission of our church approved a project to hand out 30 blankets to the elderly people of the Senaoane Church.  Rev Martin Deacon of Walk Thru the Bible/ turn the tide 4 children was asked to preach during the church’s  yearly  Missions Conference and attend a meeting with the pastor and the Missions Commission.

He challenged the commission to make the 30 blankets 300 – and the challenge was taken up.  Turn the tide 4 children committed to doubling this number of blankets and thus the church accepted the project to distribute 600 blankets. These were distributed to various needy local people, churches and organisations – such Senaoane Church in Soweto, Angel Mission’s feeding project for orphans in Krugersdorp and to Home-based Care Units in the Buschbuckridge area of Mpumalanga province.

The interest and commitment from the Florida NG Church members was overwhelming.  Another 200 blankets were bought – and again turn the tide 4 children doubled this number, giving us 400 blankets.  For the 2010/2011 financial year 1000 blankets were distributed and the Church Board has approved a project to also distribute in the coming financial year.)

The Florida Park NG Church was also challenged to take responsibility for the distribution of the 1956 clothing packs that were brought in by the Florida High and primary schools (in conjunction with clothing4children and turn the tide 4 children).  Some of this clothing was distributed as far as in areas of Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. Of major impact, was when a fire burnt down many houses in a nearby informal settlement – and the church was able to deliver, with immediate effect, 100 blankets and 75 packs of clothing to a nearby school where the homeless people were helped out.

The turn the tide 4 children projects have made a real difference in the lives of many people – and our church members are welcome to stay involved in these projects – carried out on God’s command and for His glorification only.

May the Lord open our hearts and minds for these people and projects – and bless many people through our commitment and willingness.

Ds Daniel Louw, Senior Pastor NG Church Florida Park

March 2012


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