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Trained to reach children for Christ

16 Students…

6 Countries of origin…

4 Days…

1 Goal… to be equipped for children’s ministry!

KidZ At Heart once again had the privilege of equipping the YWAM students from Winterton in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) in April 2012. These sixteen students are on their way on a two month outreach in various communities in KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State. Their mission is to reach children for Christ – through interactive Bible lessons, sharing the Gospel and doing practical work.

The KidZ At Heart training was indeed a blessing – as evidenced by the testimonies of the students…

I learned that kids learn in different ways and that helped me a lot because I am kind of trapped in my own perspective on how to do things. I learned how to teach a Bible lesson in an interactive way. It meant so much to learn how to share the Gospel with a child using your fingers. Mat Reutsch, Switzerland

I enjoyed all the activities because it left an impact on me. I learned so much in the area of multiple intelligences and it is amazing that children (and adults) learn in different ways. We are leaving soon on our outreaches and all these tools will be very helpful. I think everyone that works with children should do this training. I also learned that when sharing the Gospel with children to keep it simple and not to use big words! I am definitely better equipped now! Deborah Fakayesi, Nigeria

I once again realized how unique and special we all are because we all learn things differently. The KidZ At Heart training taught me to think outside of the box and to be creative! Anton van Wyk, South Africa

We trust God for much fruit in the lives of the children who will be impacted by these students!

Please scroll down to see further testimonies. See KidZ At Heart for more information on how you can be involved in a KidZ At Heart Training.


The 8 Wonderful Ways kids learn meant a lot to me. Now I understand the way I learn best! I love the fact that everyone is involved in a story or lesson. The sessions on prayer and how to lead a child to Christ were great. I learned so much! Kaylee Morse, USA

I learned to value the different styles children learn. I enjoyed the practical aspect of this training and all the different techniques to tell a story. I enjoyed the prayers and the idea of using a prayer journal. Natalie, UK

I learned how to apply the L.E.A.R.N principle and to be more observant of how kids learn. Kassy Gibbs, USA

I had to get out of my comfort zone! I loved the story about Jesus feeding the 5000! Chantelle Bowker, South Africa

I enjoyed the story of Jonah the most. And now I can teach it in a new way to kids. I also liked the part where we got to make our own songs! Denver Jansen, South Africa

I enjoyed the different learning styles and how to involve everyone in a lesson. The session on prayer was great. Karsten Müller, Germany

What I enjoyed the most was that the teaching was interactive because I don’t like sitting still! I enjoyed the different ways to kids learn how to pray. J.C. Vorster, South Africa

I liked learning about the different intelligences. The examples made it easy to understand and to apply it to the children we are going to work with. This training is very practical and we will be able to put everything to good use when we go on our outreaches. Thanks! Sharing the Gospel with your fingers is wonderful! I will always remember it. Nick Walker, USA

The things I have learned I can use on my own kids! I especially loved the session on prayer, it was very meaningful. Annemarie van Wyk, South Africa

The Bible stories were great! I enjoyed making up stories and doing dramas! Christina Mosiah, South Africa

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