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“God is on a roll here!”

God is on a roll here! We have over 440 small groups including 3 churches, 10 schools, the Drakenstein Correctional Service Personnel (the prison Nelson Mendela was released from), many farms plus laborers and business with employees. Our school coordinator has developed a whole facebook program with a over a thousand kids that have signed up!

Peter Swart, one of our of members, designed our website for 40 Day campaigns, and it is really pioneering in our community. We’ve had a lot of sign-ups on line plus a whole promotional on how to invite your friends ON LINE-see the little promotional clip –its exceptional! I am boastful in the Lord for this team, they’ve really stretched –especially when you consider we are the 3rd oldest church in the country!!!

Peter and the Communications team also developed a great video for the kick off/launch using an airport departure theme. It really is Brilliant! As good- if not better than stuff we’ve done in the states.

I believe God is lifting up a whole Communications team here that can develop basic material for all of the 40 Days campaigns. We have realized some of the communications recommendations are not up to speed with current trends- sms, face book and web access. We would like to submit materials that any group could use for their campaign without reinventing the wheel. Most of our stuff is done in Afrikaans and English –like our web site – so very friendly for the SA audience. My husband and I are also leading a Xhosa speaking group in the township and hope to develop 40 Days for some of the tribal language groups too.

I am now gathering the final data on all our recruitment and attendance efforts and will send it for interest sake. It has been amazing to see the vehicle and tool that 40 Days is for reviving our entire community. I am also working with Toring Kerk in Paarl – they are doing 40 Days of Community at the exact same time. We are partnering with them on our final weeks community serving projects.  Toring Kerk was a church split from Strooidak and this is the first time they have fully worked together in about 150 yrs! Both churches affect our entire community for Christ.   –  Nancy Cowie

For more information on the 40 Days of Purpose, please phone 011-782 4222 or click HERE

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