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soccer4children says “Thank you Nedbank”

The second soccer4children (www.soccer4children.org) camp took place from 9 – 14 January 2012. In this week young boys from poorer communities got the chance to receive life coaching from trained leadership teachers, and professional soccer training by some of our country’s top coaches! All this, while enjoying a fun time at the Eikenhof LifeChange Centre.

Making a pledge to Coach Khulu.

On the first day of the camp, Martin Deacon, CEO of soccer4children gathered the boys for a short time-management session. “A winner is someone who is on time – who wants to be a winner?” asked Martin Deacon. All the hands went up. “Well”, continued Martin, “who will make the commitment to be a leader in 2012, to be on time, not just this week, but afterwards as well.” All 66 boys lined up in front of their coaches, pledging to be a leader – on time. Shaking on it, they each received a wrist watch sponsored by Nedbank.

“Thank you Nedbank, we will be on time in 2012!” they all echoed holding up their wrists to the camera.

This started their week. A week filled with lots of fun, yummy food, some life skills training and lots and lots of soccer. Besides being taught soccer skills, they were also given a tour of the Orlando Soccer Stadium, and allowed to play soccer in it, like the pro’s. The week ended with a soccer challenge against local soccer playing teams and a prize-giving by SAFA president, Mr Kirsten Nematendani. At this event, Nedbank’s Liezell Brits also presented each boy with a ‘back-to-school-pack’, giving them quality school bags and stationary. The look on each boy’s face showed how pleased they were.

Martin Deacon thanking Liezell Brits from Nedbank

Quoting Dr. Danny Jordaan’s speech to the boys from the first soccer4children camp in 2010, Martin Deacon reminded them that education is their ticket to greatness and sustainability, that is why Nedbank’s back-to-school gift to them was so valued by soccer4children.

“I just want to thank Nedbank for sponsoring the watches and back-to-school-kits for the soccer4children kids. I asked one little guy how many watches he has had in his life and he answered, ‘this is my first one’. Nedbank, thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children.” – Martin Deacon, CEO of soccer4children

Our kids were on time the whole week. Dream with us to have 10 000 kids get “on time” using soccer camps as a life intervention.

For more information on soccer4children and the weeks happenings and photo’s visit www.soccer4children.org

Nedbank-feature 2012Watches003 Martin Deacon thanking Liezell Brits from Nedbank 2012Watches002 2012Watches003 2012Watches004 2012Watches005 2012Watches006 2012Watches007 2012Watches008 2012Watches009 2012Watches010 2012Watches001 2012Schoolbags001 2012Schoolbags002 2012Schoolbags003 2012Schoolbags004 2012Schoolbags005 2012Schoolbags006 2012Schoolbags007 2012Schoolbags008 2012Schoolbags009 2012Schoolbags010 2012Schoolbags011 2012Schoolbags012 2012Schoolbags013 2012Schoolbags014


See an overview of the whole experience from the Jan 2012 soccer4children camp!


Experience the excitement of the goals and how much they meant!

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